1) Teams, Alliances, Donation of In-Game Items, and Raids

1.a) The Maximum Number of Team Members is Restricted to Five Individuals

  • 1.a.a) Team member changes are allowed only once per day.
  • 1.a.b) Rules regarding played hours:1.a.b.a) Team maximum of FIVE (each player can have a maximum of 1,250 hours and must have public hours).
  • 1.a.b.b) Team maximum of FOUR (each player can have a maximum of 2,500 hours and must have public hours).
  • 1.a.b.c) Team maximum of THREE (each player can have a maximum of 5,000 hours and must have public hours).
  • 1.a.b.d) Team maximum of TWO (each player can have a maximum of 10,000 hours).
  • 1.a.b.e) SOLO (no time limit).
  • 1.a.b.f) Each player is required to make their Steam profile public immediately upon request.
  • 1.a.b.g) Some subscriptions may have modified conditions.

1.b) The Veteran Role

  • 1.b.a) Exceptions may be granted upon request to players who are training weaker players or are not active raiders (these players have the role of "Veteran").
  • 1.b.a.a) An active raider is defined as one who attacks more than one base per day with explosives.
  • 1.b.a.b) Roles can also be assigned to players who have not applied for the role, but have been found to have a significant experience difference compared to beginners. All Veterans must have the game linked to Discord.
  • 1.b.a.c) Players with the Veteran role can request its removal or addition on WIPE day.
  • 1.b.a.c.a) Players with the Sponsor role can request to add or remove the Veteran role at any time during WIPE.

1.b.b) Veteran and Raiding

  • 1.b.b.a) Under normal conditions, a Veteran team is allowed to raid only one main base per day.
  • 1.b.b.b) Veterans may retaliate if their base is raided, and this raid does not count toward the daily limit.
  • 1.b.b.b.a) If the Veteran’s team raids the wrong base, consequences apply.
  • 1.b.b.b.b) The Veteran’s team is permitted to raid a raid base within one grid of its main base.
  • 1.b.b.c) The Veteran team is allowed to raid two other Veteran teams per day without counting towards the daily limit.

1.b.c) Hour Restrictions

  • 1.b.c.a) Veteran’s Team maximum of FOUR (12,000 hours of gameplay and publicized hours).
  • 1.b.c.a.a) Veteran’s Sponsor Team maximum of FIVE (15,000 hours and publicized hours). Violations result in loss of sponsorship.
  • 1.b.c.a.a.a) Each prepaid month adds 1,000 hours for the Veteran’s Sponsor Team.
  • 1.b.c.b) Veteran’s Team maximum of THREE (18,000 hours of gameplay and publicized hours).
  • 1.b.c.c) Veteran’s Team maximum of TWO (no time limit).

1.c) Alliances Between Players are Not Allowed

  • 1.c.a) Cooperative behavior that disadvantages other players is prohibited. This includes joint raids, coordinated attacks, and building a base near another team to assist them.
  • 1.c.b) Neutrality is tolerated. Fair trading is allowed, but suspicious transactions are considered alliance behavior.

1.d) Donation of In-Game Items is Restricted

  • 1.d.a) Item donation is allowed only if the donating player does not own sufficient items for a stable gaming experience.
  • 1.d.b) Donations are prohibited if intended to aid a team in attacking another team.
  • 1.d.c) Items can be donated if a team is leaving the server, but the team must then leave immediately.

1.e) Restriction on Raiding

  • 1.e.a) Destruction of building structures from the stone level and above is prohibited. This does not include offensive entities.
  • 1.e.a.a) Destruction of twig or wood objects is allowed during the night/wipe ban.
  • 1.e.a.b) Tugboats may be raided with torpedoes at any time.
  • 1.e.b) No raiding ban in the last 24 hours of WIPE.
  • 1.e.c) Raiding a base without its own "Tool Cupboard" is allowed.

2) Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia

2.a) All forms of racism, sexism, and homophobia are strictly prohibited.

3) Hate Speech and Toxicity

3.a) All Forms of Hate Speech are Prohibited

  • 3.a.a) This includes written communication, symbolism, and art.
  • 3.a.b) Hate speech in voice communication is approached with a measured perspective.
  • 3.a.c) Players must respect authority during interactions with administrative entities.

3.b) Toxic Behavior is Not Tolerated

  • 3.b.a) Includes behavior against culturally accepted forms of expression.
  • 3.b.b) Offending the server, inappropriate expressions, or threats may result in a permanent ban.
  • 3.b.c) Pretending to be an admin is a serious rule violation.

4) Cheating, Exploiting Bugs, and Using Third-Party Software

4.a) Use of Programs or Plugins Providing Advantage is Prohibited

4.b) Exploiting In-Game Bugs is Prohibited

  • 4.b.a) Players must report bugs and not exploit them.

4.c) Use of Third-Party Software Providing Advantage is Prohibited

  • 4.c.a) This includes special mouse functions for better aiming.
  • 4.c.b) Programs limited to adding a "crosshair" are allowed.

4.d) Preventive Restrictions for Suspicious Behavior

  • If at least three A-Team members agree on a player's suspicious behavior, preventive restrictions of up to 21 days may be imposed.

5) Bypassing Bans and Identity Changes

5.a) Bypassing Server Bans is Strictly Prohibited

  • 5.a.a) The ban applies to the entire household.
  • 5.a.b) All accounts of the subject are subject to the ban.
  • 5.a.c) Players must not play on "smurf" accounts and must disclose all their accounts if asked.

5.b) Using VPN to Bypass Bans is Prohibited

5.c) Players Must Disclose All Previously Used Names

6) Identity Form

6.a) Player Identities Must Comply with Rules 2 and 3

7) Chat Spam

7.a) Text Spam is Prohibited in All Forms

8) Stream Sniping

8.a) Stream Sniping is Prohibited on the Server

9) Violation of Rules and Sanctions

9.a) Violating Any Specified Rules Results in Sanctions

  • 9.a.a) Sanctions range from warnings to permanent exclusion.
  • 9.a.b) Sanction decisions consider the severity of the violation and past behavior.
  • 9.a.c) Immediate exclusion for severe violations.
  • 9.a.d) Sanction decisions are final and non-appealable.

10) Concluding Provisions

10.a) These Rules Apply to All Players

10.b) Administrators May Change Rules Without Prior Notice

10.c) Decisions in Ambiguities Belong to Administrative Entities

10.d) These Rules Take Effect Immediately Upon Publication

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Updated on: 29.1.2024